I grew up an athlete - playing soccer, softball and running track.  I ventured into my first yoga class (at the local gym) during my senior year of high school at the recommendation of my soccer coach.  It wasn't, however, until I started running marathons in my 2nd year of college that I truly fell in love with yoga's affects on my mind & body.  While away at college I struggled with debilitating panic attacks and turned to running as a way to ease my mind, but marathon training was extremely hard on my body.  I found that yoga was the missing piece to healing from the panic attacks as well as taking care of my body in the physical way that I need.  

When I moved home from college in 2005 I dove deeply into a regular practice at a local yoga studio in Sherman Oaks.  In 2006 I walked into Rising Lotus Yoga in Sherman Oaks and felt my soul *sigh*.  There was no question, Yoga was HOME.  In 2007 I completed my first teacher training and the day after completing the final exam I taught my first class!  A year later I quit my “stable” job, dove into more trainings with YogaWorks, and with both feet first, I jumped into pursuing my passion of teaching yoga full time. I have been living my dharma ever since! 


My teaching has been influenced by many incredible teachers from my mentors Dani Ibarra, Annie Carpenter, and Jeanne Heileman, to teachers that I have studied and practiced with Tiffany Cruikshank, Alex Crow, Tara Judelle, and Elena Brower.  My classes have evolved into a mindful blend of athletic Vinyasa flow, clear and precise anatomy & alignment principles, Subtle Body (energy) awareness, and mindful breathing practices.  As a Reiki Master teacher and crystal healer I weave energy principles and meditation techniques into each class.  I specialize in the use of the elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Storm) as taught by one of my energy & crystal healing mentors; Naisha Ahsian.  

Working with the elements in a yoga practice can instill an overall sense of balance and harmony to the physical, spiritual, and energetic bodies.   My deepest intention as a teacher is to inspire my students to go beyond what we can see with our eyes and FEEL more - to live with intention.  One of my favorite mottos as I heard from one of my favorite teachers, Chelsey Korus, is "Lean into the simplicity....rather than chasing the complexity."  This is how I seek to teach my classes as well as live my life. 

When I am not teaching yoga I am a mommy to two beautiful children who keep me very busy and on my toes!  I also run my own online shop selling my handmade gemstone mala beads and bracelets. 

Like the air you breathe, abundance in all things is available to you. Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be.
— Abraham Hicks


550 hours YTT YogaWorks, CA - Studied under Dani Ibarra and Annie Carpenter - 2008

200 Hr Vinyasa Flow Certification from Rishi Yoga Institute under Devin Morgan - 2007

50 Hr Master Training Certification in Subtle Body under Jeanne Heileman - Tantra Flow Yoga

Reiki Master Teacher Certification Level 1-4 - Aimee Bello Reiki Master

Primus Activation Healing Technique Certification - Naisha Ahsian

Certified Crystal Healer - Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy - Ashley Leavy

20 Hr Yoga Anatomy Training - Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank