Basic Smoothie Recipe


This smoothie is your basic, run-of-the-mill green smoothie with only a few supplements to add an extra boost of nutrition.  Feel free to adjust amounts according to what you have in stock and your taste preferences.

1 cup Chocolate Almond Milk (it's all I had in my fridge but you can use pretty much any "milk" such as coconut, rice, or regular almond milk)

1 handful each - blueberries, raspberries

3-4 strawberries

2 cups Kale

Handful of ice and a splash of Coconut water to thin it out (I don't like super thick smoothies)

1 Tablespoon Hemp Seeds (these little guys are so healthy for you - highly digestible protein, iron, chlorophyll, vitamin E, omega-6 & omega-3)

**Optional supplements that I added - Lucuma powder (high in Beta-carotene, iron, B vitamins) and Maca powder (which has too many benefits to list here, but you can check out for the super long list)