Light The Way Malas

Light the Way Malas in an alchemy of Love that began in 2015 as a creative way to raise money for a local dog rescue organization (which is still a very big part of my business).  My use of the crystals and stones has evolved and grown over time.  At one point I was only using the few crystals I knew well (Amethyst, Amazonite, Crystal Quartz, Black Onyx).  But I knew there was more to learn and the Universe started providing!  I took classes, bought some books, asked questions, and visited tarot readers, Reiki healers, and astrologers in order to expand my knowledge of all things Divine and spirituality in order to have a working relationship with these powerful entities that I was working with.  

This work has been a creative alchemy of my many wellness disciplines, skillsets and healing trades.  My specialty is rooted in the use of the elements {Earth, Fire, Water, Wind & Storm} as they relate to healing in the body, the mind, the emotions, and the soul.  Every crystal & stone holds the energy of an element and this is where its healing potential stems from. By combining certain stones we can balance, create harmony, stimulate, or calm the energy around a specific ailment, issue, or focus in our lives. My creations are designed from the heart and each one of my creations has been handmade, hand-knotted and strung with love.  I hand-pick high-quality gemstones, crystals, soothing wooden beads and sacred symbols creating a harmonious balance between style and tradition.  

What Makes LTWM unique?

Each one of my designs has an intention and a meaningful energy woven into its creation.  I do my best to write detailed descriptions to capture their beauty and to explain why certain stones were used together.  There is always a reason and a purpose and that is where my jewelry stands out.

As a Reiki Master, I cleanse and bless all of my pieces with Universal Love and healing Reiki energy. When possible, I place all jewelry out under the full moon to be cleansed & charged.  When you receive your new mala or jewelry I highly recommend infusing your own energy into your mala or bracelet by saying a prayer, mantra or affirmation while holding your jewelry in your palms or on your heart.  

All LTWM jewelry will arrive with detailed care instructions and the metaphysical healing properties of the stones used.  You will also receive a soft cotton linen bag for safe storage and a token of appreciation from ME!