I am ready 2016!

Every New Years Day for as long as I can remember I have sat down to reflect + write.  In my teens I would write down a list of things I thought I should be doing better such as keeping my room/living space clean, or scoring more goals in soccer.  In my 20’s I wrote down a lengthy list of ways I could “better” myself such as eating less junk foods, working out or going to the gym 6 days a week, mastering a certain yoga pose, making more money, yada yada yada…the process of list-making was one that made me feel better because I felt like I had a “plan” or that I had initiated some kind of control over my life.  Now that I am in my 30’s I don’t feel the pull to write one of those lists.  It is such a strange feeling for me!  I LOVE my lists!!  I can see that those lists served a purpose for so many years, but they weren’t necessarily positive, nor did they last very long before they got thrown away.  They fed on my insecurities, on my ego-driven ideals and didn’t offer much room for real personal growth or happiness.

This year, as I look to turning 33 (a vibrant and exciting number!) I simply wish to make each day one that I can be proud of.  I like the feeling of not knowing what this year holds for me and I am looking forward to not feeling the need to write down all of the things that I feel I need to change.  I absolutely have goals and dreams and things I want to accomplish and experience in 2016 but I know that by opening up my mind and heart to the endless opportunities ahead of me those dreams will be fulfilled…because the Universe only wants to see my dreams fulfilled when I seek to live my true purpose.

This is what I am sure:  2015 was an amazing year that introduced me to new people, new teachers, and new spiritual practices that are in-line with my soul’s purpose here on this Earth.  2015 showed me that I am a healer as well a teacher, a mother as well as a guide, a lover as well as a leader, an intuitive as well as an intellect, and a creative force bursting at the seems.  But…I need to continue to feed the spiritual heart-well inside me that has been cast aside for so long.  That is why I know that 2016 will be a year of spiritual pursuits and growth for me.  

My biggest goal of 2016 is to attend my first yoga retreat in June.  Yes, that is correct - I I have been a student of yoga for 13 years and a teacher for 8 years and I have never attended a yoga retreat, everyone *gasp*!!!!  I know this is “the year” and I will get the opportunity to work closer with a yoga-teacher-idol of mine (who is also a talented healer in her own right) and further my growth in yoga, spirituality and healing.  My work in teaching yoga, making jewelry, writing, and leading my doTERRA team will only succeed if I feed myself first.  The well cannot provide for others if it is empty.  I cannot be a wonderful mother to the incredible children of mine if my heart is not filled above the brim with self-love first.  

I am essentially vowing to let myself continue to dream with my heart and to feed my soul with the things that promote love, creativity and passion.  So I am excited to not have a set-in-stone plan right now.  I am excited to use my creative juices to move forward toward my goal and to initiate something very powerful inside myself.  The rest will be as it was meant to be.

2016 I am ready for you! Let’s journey!