April, already?!?!?

Well, here we are and it is already mid-April and I haven't been keeping up with my blog as I had promised myself I would...but thats OKAY, life happens! {that's really just me reassuring myself because I need to hear it sometimes}  Life, for me, had been uber super duper busy these past 4 months and it truly has flown by in a blink.  I knew this year would be huge and I was not wrong!

This year I turned 33 years old.  An age I am super excited about for some reason.  Turns out, age 33 (and that number in general) is referred to as "the Christ year" and is a pivotal and powerful age/number. It is often a year where people make hugely successful life changes, discover who they really are or experience a large spiritual shift.  So there's that....

Amethyst & Labradorite Mala

Amethyst & Labradorite Mala

I have been very busy running my Etsy shop - making jewelry and growing my business as an entrepreneur.  Making malas and bracelets is hugely important to me at this point in my life and I cannot say that I ever anticipated I would be doing this.  Sure, I loved making friendship bracelets and lanyards as a kid but who didn't?  This is a whole different level of creativity... it's therapy. And maybe its because I am physically working with beautiful & therapeutic stones, crystals and beads.  They offer so much energetic healing and cleansing so of course I am affected positively when creating a new piece.  My shop is doing very well and I am so deeply grateful for every sale and person who chooses to wear my jewelry. *Thank you*

I have been manifesting a workshop/retreat specifically for mothers for a very long time.  It is another one of my passions to work with moms (and children) along their yoga journey.  Self-care is something that I take very seriously.  It was yoga, knowledge of the breath, meditation and healthy nutrition (basically putting my needs at the top of the list) that pulled me up out of the darkness of postpartum depression after Collin was born.  I battled extremely debilitating anxiety and panic attacks when Rylee was a baby and it was because of a wonderful Ayurvedic practitioner that I set off on a Spiritual journey and discovered crystals, essential oils and my connection to the Divine Source/God. 

So my path has brought me here and I am so grateful for everything that I have learned and experienced.  I am deeply honored to be able to share some helpful and healing tools with other mamas because I have been there.  I know what happens when we put ourselves LAST on the list.  Now after 6 years of motherhood, quite a few bumps in the road and LOTS AND LOTS of practice and study, I am ready to offer this to others.   I have created the Mama's Yoga Retreat that I will debut on May 22nd at Forward Fold yoga studio in Encino.  {{The flyer can be seen under the Offerings tab or here http://www.yogabyterren.com/upcoming-events/ }}.  If you are interested in attending this or wish to be notified of upcoming events, please let me know or sign up for my newsletter (which is currently a work in progress).  You can book your spot under the Offerings tab.

I have more exciting creative projects that I am working on, such as writing a children's book....but I will save all of that for another time.  I am just so very blessed that I can live this life, pursue my heart's passions, be creatively fulfilled and do what makes my soul happy. 

SO... if I can offer anything to you at this moment as you read this, it would be enthusiastic encouragement to discover a new way to be creative!  Color in a coloring book, write a poem, build a table with wood and nails, whatever excites you, DO IT!  We are ALL creative beings and creativity is a basic need that needs to be fulfilled.  It looks different in each of us but we are all creatures of creativity.  Dig deep.

Be the light that lights the way. Namaste'