Heart Chakra Roll-On Blend

In honor of Valentine's Day I created my own essential oils roll-on blend specifically designed to accompany the Heart Chakra Yoga class I was going to be teaching! I am so in love with this blend I have decided to share it with you!  Below is the exact recipe as well as some deeper information as to why I created this particular blend.  

Heart Chakra Blend -  (5 mL roller bottle)

6 drops Bergamot

2 drops Wild Orange

1 drop Ylang Ylang

1 drop Juniper Berry

Fill the remainder with fractionated coconut oil or your choice of carrier oil, I left a small amount of space at the top of the bottle just in case I wanted to add anything else later on.

*I use all doTERRA essential oils because they are certified pure organic and therapeutic grade*

*I use all doTERRA essential oils because they are certified pure organic and therapeutic grade*

The heart chakra emotionally rules our concern for humanity, our ability to share of ourselves with others and the divine, our ability to love ourselves and our beloveds unconditionally and to live compassionately from the heart.  Also notably is that this energy center (found at the heart and in the chest region) is where the male (Shiva) & female (Shakti) forces meet in harmony.

By practicing yoga postures such as shoulder-openers and backbends we can physically move stagnant energy or pull healthy energy into our heart chakra to balance these forces and boost self-love.  We immediately feel the physical effects of a heart chakra yoga practice because it is an in-your-face kind of practice!  But I have found that combining heart/love-boosting essential oils can ease the emotional opening and cleansing (that comes as a result of the physical side of the practice) so the work is more gentle and sweet.

I chose to base this blend on one of my favorite essential oils: Bergamot.  It is a citrus oil that is known for its uplifting, refreshing aroma that has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety.  I added Wild Orange for its ability to calm as well as energize and it supports emotional balance.  Ylang Ylang influences sexual energy, enhances relationships, is calming and relaxing and may help alleviate anger.  It also stimulates the adrenal glands.  Ylang Ylang is the Shakti floral feminine scent while Juniper Berry is the Shiva earthy/woodsy scent.  Juniper Berry (another of my favorites) evokes feelings of health, love and peace and acts as a grounding force for the heart chakra which is ruled by the element AIR.  Juniper Berry may also help to elevate one's spiritual awareness which can support one's heart in the journey of self-love and self-compassion.

I put the roll-on blend on my wrists and forearms as well as on my heart/chest frequently throughout the day.  It has a soft and sweet scent with uplifting citrus notes and a subtle floral and earthy component that creates the perfect balance as Shiva & Shakti.  It was a gentle yet constant reminder to act from the heart and let love guide my actions.  During my yoga practice I caught the scent frequently as I moved and in many ways it softened my body and allowed me to move from my heart.

I do hope that you have the chance to try this blend! If you are interested in purchasing a Heart Chakra Blend roller bottle from me, please email me at yogabyterren@gmail.com

Have a Beautiful and Abundant Day!