New Years Intentions

January 2nd...what does this date mean to you??  Well, for most people it means “ugh, back to work and back to the grind” while for others it means “here we go, to the gym, no more junk food, back to my diet, I am really gonna do it this year!”...and yet for people like me January 2nd just simply means *sigh of relief* from a hectic holiday season schedule.  Don’t get me wrong, I get excited for a new beginning, fresh starts and upcoming birthdays and whatnot, but I have learned that for a fresh start to really be healthy and obtainable, we must start by going within, not going to a list. 

For many years I would sit down on January 1st and wrote out a list of resolutions - things I wanted to achieve & conquer in that new year.  I would get pumped up to start a new exercise routine or do a new trendy cleanse or to read 100 books by the end of the name it and I probably put it on one of my lists over the years!  But the same thing happened to me each year - 2 months would pass by and my birthday arrives (March 2nd) and I lose this precious list! Gone, can’t find it anywhere and I cannot remember what the heck was on that list!  How can I achieve these very important goals without my list?? (insert big eye-rolls) 

We (and I am aware that not everybody does this) often create these idyllic “new years resolutions” or “goals for the new year” from an external point-of-view.  We think “I will be happy when...(insert yours here)” and we plop that down on our list.  We can’t even take them seriously for longer than the first month or two of the new year!  That is because these resolutions are not embedded in our internal being yet.  They are not positive and powerful vibrations that have melded with our psyche and so they are simply words on a piece of scratch paper; jotted down after the 3rd cocktail at dinner on New Years Eve. (I'm not bashing those notes, I know there is a heartfelt purpose behind them!) 

What IS powerful when starting a new year is to set spend time in silence and FEEL what those goals, resolutions and intentions actually feel like inside of your body, mind and soul.  Because that is what we are really talking about, right?  Losing weight isn’t about the number on the scale or size of new is about the FEELING - to have more energy, feel more comfortable in your skin, live with less pain or discomfort, sleep better, etc etc..

When we set intentions for a fresh clean start to a shiny new year we need to put those vibrations into our mind, body & soul and then they will reverberate out into the Universe.  We are essentially offering out a prayer, right?  It's the 'law of attraction' layered with positive energy and starting from our soul.  Make it as powerful and potent as you can! Set yourself up for success now and then let the Universe (or God) take care of the rest.  

Visualize and feel those intentions as more than just a number on a to-do list.  Picture what you want the upcoming year to feel like...not just “look” like because the picture may end up looking completely different than what you started with.  As long as the feeling is the same then that is all we can hope for, right?  What is the point of losing weight or getting rich or moving into that bigger house when you are still carrying feelings of sorrow or pain or another negative emotional anchor?  

I have many intentions for 2015 (because that is the kind of person I am) and so the past 2 days I have been sitting in silence before/after my yoga practice putting those vibrations and feelings into my body and sending the energy into the Universe.  No more lists for this resolution-list-maker! I am starting the work from my soul. I want to live my best life possible, don't you?

My example:  One of my intentions for 2015 is to work on my backbend practice; that means creating more space and freedom in my upper back and shoulders so that I can move more freely in more advanced backbend postures.  Sure, I could look at a particular yoga pose and say “I want to accomplish THAT pose by (insert date)” but it may not be healthy or realistic for my body structure without time and patience.  But what I can do is visualize my upper body being more flexible and my heart chakra more open...and then FEEL what it feels like to have more space in my thoracic spine and shoulder girdle.  I can FEEL my heart chakra opening and beaming with light and love!  By putting those vibrations into my body and out into the Universe I am layering my intention with the energy of what it will feel like when it is achieved.  The rest is simply a practice in patience, faith, perseverance and kindness (to myself).  There is no expiration date or "must achieve by" date because we are dealing with real life, human bodies and I would never want to sabotage myself before even starting! Enjoy the journey because we are never done growing.   

Start Now! It takes just a few minutes each day!

My wish for you this year is that you feel the affects of your hard work...and to feel (not just see) your resolutions come into fruition from the inside-out.  We all need goals in life because they drive us and connect us.  So even if you start with an external goal such as “I will give up soda this year” (please do!!!) put that intention’s energy into your body/mind and into the Universe and feel what your body will be like without it (hint: better sleep, less inflammation/bloating, better skin, weight loss, etc etc...but I digress...)  Another way of putting your intention's energy out into the Universe is talking about it with your support system!  Speak the words out loud if needed: “Hey friend, this year I am going to take 2 yoga classes a week!”....then feel what your body and mind would feel like after a year of taking 2 yoga classes a week!  Amazing! You are already putting your intentions into action.

Now go do it and let me know how it goes! Keep up with me on Facebook and Instagram for support, inspiration and more ideas.

Be healthy and love freely!

Love to you all and Happy New Year!