Upper Back Yoga Video

I had a request for a blog on opening up the upper back.  I also had been wanting to play around with iMovie and get a feel for piecing together clips and adding voiceover to it.  So I combined the two and here is a 22-minute (rough) homemade video that I put together with inspiration on opening up the upper back (thoracic spine) and shoulders.  You will be flowing (if you would like to skip those parts, please do so), opening the hips and shoulders as well as inverting.  You can play along with me or just simply watch for inspiration.

You need: 1 yoga strap/belt, 2 blocks, *optional: chair & blanket

Now that I know how to work with iMovie (for the most part it is pretty easy) I will be putting more videos together soon...hopefully some that have better production value and don't involve a cute little "Coopie-Dog" coming in for kisses ;)

Please enjoy and as always, feedback, questions or requests are warmly welcomed! Comment below!