6th Chakra - Ajna "Third Eye"

6th Chakra

Ajna Chakra

"Third Eye"

The "command center" for the entire subtle body.

Location - between the eyebrows, mid-brain

Yantra has 2 Lotus petals signifying the Ida and Pingala nadis meeting at the Ajna chakra.

Yantra has 2 Lotus petals signifying the Ida and Pingala nadis meeting at the Ajna chakra.

Color - Indigo or silver-grey

Element - None, aspect of light

Mantra - HAM SA "That Am I" or KISHAM

Poses to Balance our 6th Chakra - half and full headstand, alternate nostril breathing, viparita karani (legs up the wall and all variations of this posture)

The important work here mostly revolves around the lower 5 chakras to establish a strong, open and balanced base.

Emotionally, this chakra rules our Self Realization and the energy here has the most powerful affect on your personality.  The mind perceives information here from intuitive sense, rather than from outside sources.  When in balance in the third eye center, we are able to witness the world without judgment, with the ability to learn from the past and "see" and plan for the future.  The mind remains focused with a vivid and disciplined imagination which is highly intuitive with a clear view of purpose in life.  You will also see enhanced intuition and more creativity.

When deficient of energy in our Ajna chakra one might be lacking inner vision, have poor memory, a fear of success and have difficulties with communication.  When experiencing an overbearing energy here it is difficult to tune into or trust the intuition.  Those with an overabundance of energy here may become arrogant, self-righteous, or overly intellectual and excessively rational.

Physically, this chakra governs the mind and space as well as the involuntary nervous system.  The 6th Chakra rules the eyes, ears and nose!  Having a healthy and balanced lower five chakras will produce clear vision and excellent/clear memory.  When out of balance, physically one might experience headaches, migraines, dizziness, confusion, poor memory, vision problems, insomnia and acute sinusitis.

Rod Stryker once said during a third-eye meditation that if a person naturally leans to the "spacey side" they should not spend a huge amount of time here, but rather should stick to more grounding practices.

Because I can lean to the "spacey side" I will spend time first grounding my energy and balancing out the lower 5 chakras before spending time on my third eye center.  Growing "energetic roots" into the earth, using yoga poses like tree pose and seated forward folds and twists are a great way to prepare for headstand and a third eye meditation.  We do not want to completely ignore this chakra because it is the command center for our subtle body.  We want a clear intuitive vision and the ability to stay focused, creative and clear.  It is imperative that we first start with the lower chakras to "clean out the junk" so we have a balance base to work from.

Sirsasana (photograph by Jameson Baltes)

Sirsasana (photograph by Jameson Baltes)

Practices off the Mat:

1.  Kriyas (actions, deeds, practices) such as neti pot nasal cleanse, bathing or cleansing the hands prior to meditation.

2.  Essential oils such as lemon, juniper, rosemary, sandalwood, and lavender.

3.  Crystals to balance this energy center - amethyst, tiger's eye, turquoise.

4.  Fasting from foods for a set amount of time.