2nd Chakra - Swadhistana

Swadhistana Chakra 

"Sacral Chakra"

Dwelling place of the Self/Soul

Location - pelvic bowl region, anterior sacrum

6 petals - affliction, suspicion, disdain, delusion, destructiveness, pitilessness

6 petals - affliction, suspicion, disdain, delusion, destructiveness, pitilessness

Color - Tangerine Orange

Element - Water

Mantra - VAM

Yoga postures to balance this chakra - hip openers (think pigeon pose, bound angle, etc.), externally rotated postures (such as warrior 2 and side angle pose).

Emotionally this chakra governs our creativity, desires, emotions and morality.  Here is where we find our familial responsibilities as well as the Karma storehouse.  We also find here the acts of eating and sexuality for pleasure (where our root chakra was eating for survival and having sex purely for reproduction).

Physically this chakra governs the reproductive organs, the genitals, fat tissues and urinary systems.  Swadhistana also rules the Sense of Taste (tongue) and is the seat of kidney energy.

When in balance in this chakra you will feel sensitive, intuitive, and full of dreams.  Emotions will be balanced and you will be able to easily "go with the flow" of life and its ups and downs.  

When out of balance, this chakra can wreak havoc in many areas of our lives (not surprising that most people request hip openers in my classes 99% of the time!).  Shame, anger, frustration, depressions, over-eating and blocked creativity are just a few of the "big" troubles that arise with blocked or deficient energy in our sacral chakra.  Experiencing intimacy issues, being unable to express feelings and even the feeling that "nothing is good enough" are also signs of an imbalance here.

On a physical level, an imbalance will show up as health issues such as anemia, kidney and bladder problems, varicose veins, menstrual ailments, impotency, hardening of the arteries and low back pain.  Research has shown that alcohol/drug abuse, eating disorders and allergies have been linked to imbalances in this area. *Remember that chakras are not mutually exclusive but are just another piece to the vast puzzle of our body, mind, and spirit*

Given that this area of the body - mainly the pelvis and hips - are often the root cause of most pains and discomforts physically, it is safe to assume that most of us are dealing with some kind of imbalance in our 2nd chakra.  If this chakra is the "dwelling place of the Soul" then shouldn't we really take care of our Swadhistana?  It is a big one for sure!  When our hips are tight so are our jaw/neck/throat/shoulders (as above - so below!).  And when these areas are stuck we are not able to "go with the flow" in life and we often meet life's obstacles and changes with resistance ...causing even more tightness in our bodies!  See the vicious cycle?  Aside from a daily yoga asana practice with hip opening postures, here are a few other ideas to break through the imbalances and feel some relief.

Exercises to open, cleanse, and balance Swadhistana Chakra:

1.  Meditate on your sacral chakra - envision your pelvic bowl being filled up with a bright tangerine orange color and allow the orange color to move and slosh around like a bowl of water.  Fill up your pelvis with water that is warm and healing and positively charged with creativity.  Silently repeat the mantra VAM at your sacrum.  

2.  Breath - Inhale down the length of the body to fill up the low belly and pelvic bowl.  Exhale out the bum and groins.  *You are mentally picturing the breath moving down and out and essentially creating an intention of moving the stuck energy out of your body*

Pigeon prep pose

Pigeon prep pose

3.  Off the mat you can take baths or practice water meditations.  Maybe even jump in the ocean or a lake for a swim!  You can wear healing stones like moonstone, coral, carnelian, citrine, and aquamarine to charge and heal imbalances.  Using essential oils like frankincense, patchouli, jasmine, and clary sage will help to clean out stagnation and blockages.  Lastly, eat and consume foods that are watery and sweet and nourishing.  For example, get lots of water and drink herbal teas.  Make a juice with sweet fruits like apples, pears, peaches, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes.