5th Chakra - Vishuddhi (throat)

5th Chakra


Throat Chakra

Location - pit of the throat, at the thyroid

Color - Blue (as in clear blue skies)

Element - Ether (the last chakra to have an actual element)

Mantra - HAM

Poses to charge and balance our throat chakra - shoulderstand and plow, fish pose, Lion's Breath, Jalandhara Bandha, Ujjayi breath, OMing


Emotionally this chakra governs our inner wisdom and our expression of the Heart.  This area is the center of dreams and is the bridge between our heart and our mind.  When we are in balance here we are able to express our beliefs, creativity and emotional needs openly.  We can effectively and clearly speak up for what we believe in and take responsibility for our decisions.  This is where our spiritual voice sits!

When our energy is either depleted or over-abundant in our Vishuddhi(a) chakra we see communications problems (refusing to admit, half-truths, and inability to voice inner thoughts and turmoil) as well as negative life-habits form.  Habits such as over-eating, gossiping, smoking and drinking show up.

Physically this chakra rules our sense of HEARING (listening) and governs the ears, mouth, throat and respiratory systems.  You will know someone's throat chakra is cleared and balanced because they will have a melodious voice, impressive command of speech and an ability to speak poetically and smoothly.  Someone who has an inability to speak a full and complete sentence without struggles is most likely deficient in energy, while someone with an over-abundance of energy may have "diarrhea of the mouth" which can also drain other peoples' throat chakra energy.

---> As a yoga teacher (and any teacher will be able to relate to this) I am most aware of this chakra and its energy in my own body.  Being in a position where you are speaking in front of people demands balanced energy in our Vishuddhi.  Those times when our throat feels tights, our neck and shoulders are tense, our words just aren't flowing effortlessly, or we can feel ourselves "rambling" and not making any sense...these are signs of an imbalance.  Sometimes it is a simple "recharge" treatment and that can be done with enjoying some time in silence (without technology) and sometimes we need to clear out blockages or negative energy that is "stuck".  This can be achieved through yoga postures or Om'ing (the absolute best thing you can do for your throat chakra).

This chakra is incredibly important in our inter-personal relationships, our jobs, and with ourself.  This chakra energy allows us to communicate our hearts needs and desires while supporting us as the listener.

Practices for balancing Vishuddhi off the mat:

1.  Essential oils such as bergamot, chamomile, eucalyptus, sandalwood, tea tree and peppermint are the best for balancing.

2.  Wearing or surrounding yourself with crystals such as turquoise, amber, aquamarine and amethyst.

3.  Meditating on your throat chakra - close your eyes and imagine the pit of your throat (at the thyroid gland) and neck filling up with a vibrant blue, the color of the sky without clouds.  At the base of the throat picture a lotus flower sitting like a plate and count that it has 16 petals.  You can make this lotus a rich blue as well if that suits your imagination best.  See the lotus opening and start to silently repeat the mantra HAM in the center of that flower.  Do this for about 5-10 minutes.  Once you are done with this you can OM loudly, feeling the vibrations in your throat.