Where my path takes me - Prenatal Yoga

"There are women everywhere, this moment, loving their children as you are, frustrated as you are, praying for peace as you are" - Seane Corn

As some of you know, I am furthering my formal education in Prenatal (and Postnatal) Yoga.  I am studying and immersing myself in everything pregnancy, birth, and yoga, and here is why....

I am obsessed with pregnancy (and not just my own)!  The female body astounds me and brings me to my knees in gratitude that I was blessed with the ability to be pregnant twice.  I was taught the bare-bones basics of teaching prenatal yoga in my trainings many years back but it wasn't until I was actually pregnant (and already a teacher) that I got to know first-hand what the poses felt like with a growing belly!  I cannot tell you how many times I thought to myself, 'Wow, this is so much harder to do while pregnant!'  And it really helps to have a knowledgable teacher to guide you as your pregnancy progresses.  I feel comfortable teaching pregnant women in my traditional group classes now after having experienced it all first-hand and I do feel that my pregnant students also have faith and trust in me knowing that I have walked in their shoes (or done yoga in their shoes).

Last year, while taking a Master Training in Subtle Body course with one of my amazing teachers, Jeanne Heileman, I was in one of our many meditations and I realized that my path is to teach yoga to Mommies (pregnant or not).  My experiences, my struggles, my empathy, and my passion has been guiding me down this path of bringing yoga into the hearts and homes of families.  If I see a pregnant woman I want to hug her.  If I put my hands on my friend's pregnant belly I want to cry out of love and adoration.  When I watch a birthing online (as part of my training) I want to smile and cry in joy and awe.  The woman's body is capable of growing a human being, birthing it, and loving the tiny human like only a mother can.  Eternal Gratitude.

So I decided that I needed to learn more...more than my own experiences with pregnancy and child birth.  I want to know about pregnancy, the pregnant body, different yoga practices, yoga for post-delivery bodies and how to heal the body and bond baby, etc. etc.  I have never felt more sure in my life that this is a direction I want to take in my career.  I will complete my course next month but at this point it has lit a fire under my butt!  I still have many other areas of yoga that I am passionate about and will continue to teach, but this is new and this is exciting for me!  

Now I put this all out into the Universe as a way to face my fears (I am not great at self-promotion) and bring about opportunities and put my ideas into motion.  I want to start a Prenatal Yoga group to meet weekly - potentially once a week in Santa Clarita and once a week in the San Fernando Valley - alternating towns.  I don't have the details set because I would like to hear from mommies who would be interested and also if you have a space or suggestions for a location I would LOVE to hear from you!  With enough interest I can put something into action very soon (the cost will be very low so anyone can participate).  Please email me at yogabyterren@gmail.com if you are interested and what "valley" you are in (Santa Clarita or SFV).  

** I am always available for one-on-one lessons as well if that would suit your pregnancy and/or lifestyle better than a group.  Please contact me to set up your first lesson! **

In Light and Love,