Yoga Mat Cleaner

For years I searched for "the best" yoga mat cleaner.  I tried every brand I could find at my local studios, stores and online.  I tried sprays and wipes and special towels.  But honestly I was always disappointed.  Either it left a funky smell on my mat or a weird shiny film on top of the mat (making it slippery) or (in one instance) even caused the color of my mat to change!  So when I discovered this all-natural recipe that was so easy to make myself I almost felt silly for spending all of that money over the years on "the other stuff."  Try this and you will never go back to store-bought mat cleaners!

mat cleaner 1.jpg

You need:

2 oz. Spray bottle

2 oz. water (I used room-temp filtered water)

20 drops Tea Tree Oil

20 drops Lavender Oil

***Directions:  Combine all, give a little shake, spray all over mat as needed! ***

mat cleaner 2.jpg