Yoga should be fun!

I will be the first to admit that I have a tendency of taking my yoga practice too seriously at times. I am a self-professed perfectionist and I have high (and often unrealistic) expectations of myself and my goals.  So when my little yogis "crash" in on my practice I take a few deep breaths and kindly remind myself that maybe the universe is trying to give me some light-hearted fun yoga for the day.  Perhaps I am supposed to be learning from my little teachers that yoga should be fun and not so rigid!  Its not about achieving the "perfect" pose or completing the full hour-plus-long practice that makes yoga joyful and fulfilling.  

For me, yoga is about grounding myself to the earth and uniting my mind/body/spirit with the Universe and all of the amazing blessings it has given me; including my children.  So it only seems appropriate to have them be an integral part of my yoga world.  Do I still get a little disappointed when I cannot complete my full practice by myself in quiet?  Sure.  But I believe the Universe hands us gifts and shows us our lessons to be learned in order to grow and live a full and happy life and its up to us to recognize those gifts/lessons.  Right now I know that I am supposed to be learning how to have FUN while practicing and not taking myself and my yoga practice so seriously.  

So on this Valentine's Day I say Thank You to Collin and Rylee for helping me have more fun on my mat <3