Love is Gratitude, Gratitude is Love

In November I had the supreme honor of being on a 1-hour radio show on KHTS 1220AM called Vibrant Living with Vayu Yoga.  The host is my friend and colleague Wendy Hassenpflug and she is the owner of Vayu Yoga (one of the studios that I teach at).  The topic of the day was Gratitude in the spirit of Veteran's Day.  This is a topic that I am extremely passionate about and given that we are in the throws of the holiday season, I find it necessary to have a constant reminder that we have so much to be thankful for.

Before I became a yoga teacher my yoga practice was all physical (as it is for most people and that is FINE!) but something was missing in my life.  When I started exploring my yoga practice with different teachers I began to dig deeper.  I also was fortunate enough to begin practicing and teaching at some of the best yoga studios in Los Angeles! I realized that I had been living in a race to "achieve" or to get those things that I "wanted" and as a result I was never truly fulfilled (a word I am exploring in a book I am reading right now).  I THOUGHT I was happy, don't get me wrong!  I wasn't walking around with a frown on my face or with sadness emanating from me.  I was "happy" on the surface and only doing and living the life that I knew.  I didn't know any different.  This is the beauty of yoga - you don't realize that you are growing and evolving and discovering who you really are until one day you realize that something has changed. Shifts occur everyday on the yoga mat and we aren't always conscious of it.  But isn't that exciting?  It is intriguing and motivating and eye-opening!!

Well, for me, it took meeting certain teachers; studying different philosophies and traditions to send me on a spiritual journey that I know is my soul's purpose here in this lifetime.  I was running to my mat to feel more connected to myself as well as to God and the powers much greater than me.  These days I continue to run to my mat for those things, but also to ground myself and anchor my energy so that I can open my heart and be be a present mother and a loving person.  I need that quiet time WITH and FOR myself so that I can sit and BE in a place of gratitude - feeling thankful for each breath I take, for each experience I get and for everything that the Universe has bestowed upon me.  

So as you can tell, the topic of gratitude gets me going. I often don't know how to be concise and brief with this topic because It opens my heart like floodgates.  I didn't know the true meaning and feeling of gratitude until I dug deeper into my yoga studies so I guess I could honestly say it is Yoga that has shown me gratitude and I am most thankful for Yoga.  As a teacher I hope to take these inspirations and sprinkle some love in my students lives and as always, raise loving and mindful children, who will someday be a positive light and change in our world. We all need gratitude in our lives, right?  How do you show and express your appreciation in your life? 

Please enjoy this podcast of our radio show on Gratitude!  I hope it inspires you to visit this area in your own life or to share with your loved ones.

If you prefer visuals, you can also see the video of us doing the radio show on YouTube at:

Part 1 & 2:

Part 3 & 4:

I encourage you to find something that opens your heart and allows you to tap into the inner workings of your heart!

Happy Holidays Yogis!