* The way that I work with the system of the elements comes from my teacher, Naisha Ahsian.  This is a Western model of the elemental forces of nature and it consists of Earth's 5 elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Wind (air), and Storm (which contains all 4 elements). 

Each of the elements carries a fundamental spectrum of energy that directly communicates with a system in the body and an aspect of life.  In order for us to live in harmony and to experience greater well-being in our physical bodies and in our daily experiences we need to establish a balance of these elemental forces based on our own unique constitution.  Please know, your constitution is unique to YOU and your work with these elements, and stones, will be specific to your needs and your spiritual journey.  You may wish to consult your astrological chart as a jumping off point!  

This way of working with the stones is not a prescriptive method and often it requires some deeper investigative work on your part, but in the end you will experience greater and more meaningful healing over the course of this lifetime.  


     The Earth element is our physicality and represents the manifestation of spirit into physical form.  This critical element allows us to manifest our ideas.  We often feel this element in the form of security, support, and even the basic sustenances of life - food, shelter, clothing.

     The Earth element physically represents our bones, the soil and minerals beneath our feet and is associated with the Earthheart chakra (located 6 inches below the soles of our feet) and Root chakra (located at the perineum).  The Root chakra is the first chakra in the spinal column and this energy center represents issues of survival and being grounded and present in one's body.

     Balancing the Earth element is extremely important as it affects the health of the physical body as well as the physical outcomes of manifestation.  By balancing this element you could see results such as: feeling more effective, taking positive action to take care of the physical health and wellbeing of the physical body, gaining insight into your Life's work as well as uncovering the issues relating to manifestation blockages.  If there was a deficiency in this element and work was done to increase this elemental energy it would be possible to feel more physical strength & stamina, connecting more with the energy of nature, and the ability to take positive action in life and in spiritual pursuits.


    We all have experiences with Fire in some form or another.  Fire is heat & warmth and is a critical elemental force as it represents the movement of energy and quite often relates to the transformation and transmutation of energy from one state to another.  

    This powerful force can be a source of healing, creativity, cleansing, and gives us the passion to create and manifest.  Fire rules art, ecstasy, and expression.  We experience this element through sexual fire, the ability to manifest our ideas and the energy to take action and create.  "It is the interaction of the Fire & Earth elements that form the basis of our manifestation powers." - N. Ahsian

    The Fire element is associated with the sacral & solar plexus chakras (2nd & 3rd) but it also represents the movement of energy throughout the body and the rest of the chakra system.  It can help with burning through the blockages.

    Insufficient Fire element energy can show up as:  inactivity, fatigue, lack of movement in the body, hypothyroid disorder, poor digestion, fear of confrontation, some eating disorders, addictions, and the inability to express one's opinions.  Excessive Fire element energy can show up as:  hyperactivity, insomnia, hyperthyroid disorders, violence, inflammatory diseases, some allergies, anger, anxiety attaches, hypercriticism.


    The Water element represents our emotional wellbeing and our ability to express ourselves in a productive way.  This element embodies our emotions, communication, and cleansing through release of emotional energy.  Think of crying - it is a powerful tool that can be used to release pent up emotions and is also been proven to improve health!

    The Water element is associated with the fluids in our bodies from saliva to blood.  When we are in resonance with Water we will often feel a nourishment from the fluids of Earth all around us such as the water molecules in the air.  Our own cells are better able to communicate with the entire system and we become healthier, hydrated, and our bodies work more effectively.

     When one's water energy is strong and balance they are able to experience a healthy release of emotions as they arise and communicate them productively with others.  Empathy and compassion is strong without feeling the need to "take on" others' pains or sorrows.

     The Water element is associated with the heart & throat chakras (4th & 5th).  The energy of the element is felt in the heart and the throat is where it can be expressed.


   The Wind element governs the mind and spirit realm.  Quite often the most elusive element as it is a force that remains invisible.  Wind energy governs our breath, our thoughts, the gases of our bodies (oxygen).  

    From The Crystal Ally Cards guide book by N. Ahsian "Wind is the breath of the Great Earth Mother.  This breath is an agent of cleansing for all energies on the non-physical levels.  When the power of Wind is invoked, you are calling upon the breath of the Divine to cleanse your life and create change on an energetic level.  Through the practice of deep breathing, we can employ the energy of the Wind to clear our bodies of stagnant energy on a cellular level."

    The Wind element corresponds to our third eye & crown chakras (6th & 7th).  This element rules our mental capacities, our psychic abilities, and our connect to spirit.  By working with Wind it immediately calls upon the breath and aids the body and nervous system during periods of stress.  

    An overabundance of Wind can cause difficulty grounding or connecting to the present moment.  It can cause spaciness, inability to focus or make decisions, or connecting to a higher meaning or one's own Life purpose.  By balancing wind (through breath or by using stones) one will feel a greater shift toward connection, clear though, mental acuity and a greater understanding of Self through that connection with Divine source.


    The element of Storm is actually more of an event than an element.  It is the event when all other elemental forces are activated and empowered at the same time.  Storm contains energies of the other elemental forces and is a source from which the other forces have originated.  

    Imagine this: "The Earth element grounds energy and offers support to the other elemental forces.  The Fire element is present in the form of lightening and charged particles and energy.  The element of Water is present in the form of rain and clouds, and the Wind element is present as gales and moving air.  The combination of these elemental forces creates a moment in time where the sum of the parts is greater than the elemental forces themselves." - N. Ahsian

    Storm is deeply cleansing and can clear blockages, however, unlike Water it can be more forceful or dominant in its approach.  Big life changes can occur as a result of this activation and for some this can be quite scary, however Storm rarely happens unprovoked.  Most of the time it is brought upon when a situation becomes unbearable and change must occur.

    Storm resonates with all 7 main chakras as well as the Soulheart chakra above the crown of the head and corresponds with the nervous system and connective tissues in the body.